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Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Greenwich Village,

New York City

What are you studying here at BU?

“I am undecided in CAS at the moment, I applied into BU as a psych major. And then the day before coming here, I switched to Undecided. I just kind of realized that that's maybe not what I want to do, and I want to give myself the chance to explore. Right now, my favorite class has been COM101. I really like how it's going into Film and TV, Advertising, and all this different stuff. I think I want to go the COM route.”

What objects in your dorm represent your identity or home life?

“I love this blanket, so I kind of bought this blanket and then did my whole bed based on it. And it's just so colorful and vibrant, cute, and it makes me happy to look at. It's decorative, it's cute. I would say the artwork is kind of the same as the blanket like, I like vibrant colors. And I wanted something that screamed New York, so I found a whole section of New Yorker magazine covers. They make me think of being home, and remind me of my family, because my dad reads the New Yorker, and we get those covers and look at them together.”

What are you struggling with?

"My biggest stress in life is my work. Like always feeling like it's either not good enough, or I started too late, and I get stressed out. But I've definitely gotten a better grip on it since the beginning. But it's also just going to a city school, you have to be independent. I like to be with people, but it's hard sometimes because it's very isolating here. I also think it's been a struggle to find people that I really do enjoy. I love my friends, I really do. But it's just sometimes hard to go after finding people. Because it's scary, there's so many. Sometimes you're by yourself, and you have to be okay with that, you know?”

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Study Smarter, Not Harder: Effective Study Strategies Workshop

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