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Pronouns: she/her/they/them

Hometown: San Carlos, California


Extracurriculars: listening to music, writing, painting, photography

Why are you studying sociology?

"I am a sociology major and an environmental science minor. I’ve come full circle with the minor: I really want to work in women's reproductive health, but I don't know that I like public health to minor in it. I thought of communications, literature, Mandarin, then back to environmental science. I love sociology and learning about why we act the way that we do in groups, and what has caused that. If we look at how and why we created these problems, we can look at how to fix them. A lot of sociologists say that we're in late stage capitalism, our society is declining, and a lot of people say that there's no fixing it. I say that we should have hope, because we are complex beings, and I fundamentally believe in that."

What objects in your dorm represent your identity or home life?

"Ava, my best friend, got this from a thrift shop for my birthday, and wrote 'Sunflower Vol. 6" at the bottom. She saw it and thought of me, because I love that Harry Styles song and sunflowers are my favorite flowers. My mom is the most amazing woman ever, like I love that woman so much. She is such a badass, and she gave me this button that says “badass.” I have a little post-it note that she wrote with our initials last time she visited."

What are you struggling with?

"Loneliness, because at home, I had the most amazing friends. I love connecting with people, and I love meeting all types of new people. But it's hard for me to actually put myself out there. I feel like being in a city, everyone is individualistic and heads down. I’m missing a sense of community, and also fellow creative people. I know it’ll get better."

College can be hardStudent Wellbeing provides support for Boston University students with resources, like the one below:

"Belonging Cafés: These programs are a chance to learn about the different resources on campus that can support the development of your sense of belonging at BU. These spaces are hosted in common public spaces by students who share their own experiences and expertise. These are drop-in events where you can visit once, or all the time!

Belonging Cafés

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