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Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Southwest New Jersey


Extracurriculars: BU miXx, Fabrio Magazine, BU Public Relations Student Society of America

Why are you studying public relations?

“I started getting interested in it throughout high school, because I was one of the managers of my step team. I feel like that included a lot of what PR does, with setting up events such as our own competition, fundraisers and stuff like that. When I found out PR does all that I was like, wow, maybe that's something I want to do in the future. Why not give it a shot at BU?”

What objects in your dorm represent your identity or home life?

"Definitely posters, I have one of TXT. My dorm is a mini replication of what I have at home, like some photos that my friend gave me for my birthday. Me and my roommate, Darcy, we decorated together."

What are you struggling with?

"Spending. Like, let's be real. I be spending too much. I'm so afraid to look at my bank account. By the end of the week, I'm just like ooh. And also did you see like the açaí place? That's also very dangerous, because it's connected right to Warren so I don't have to go outside. It is too tempting, I got it like every day for the first month.”

College can be hardStudent Wellbeing provides support for Boston University students with resources, like the one below:

"Smart Money is a BU Financial Assistance initiative established to provide the Boston University community with online tools, information and other resources to promote effective money management."

BU Smart Money

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