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Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Pawtucket, Rhode Island


Extracurriculars: Boston Globe, Daily Free Press, The BU Buzz, WTBU Radio

Why are you studying journalism?

"I have a passion for writing. More of creative writing, I feel. Whether it's journalism, or writing poetry and trying to try to sell a book, doing something that has an impact on the world through my words is what I want to do. And when it came time pick a major, I said okay, journalism. Let's do it."

What objects in your dorm represent your identity or home life?

"It was the night before graduation. My friends and I went to Dollar Store and got a bunch of random stuff. We're sweating, sitting at the kitchen table, no idea what we wanted to put on these grad caps. And I was like, okay, what do I want to do? I was thinking something Bad Bunny themed, and his new album had just dropped, which I actually have tattooed on me. The album is called "Un Verano Sin Ti" / "A summer without you", And I was like, hold on. I just broke up with my toxic ex. Oh, a summer without you? Okay! A lot of people did music themes, but I feel like mine was more personal."

What are you struggling with?

"Staying focused, because I haven't really had to sit for really long periods of time and bang out work. For the majority of the time, I could get homework done in school. So I never really had to sit down, where now, I notice myself getting distracted really easily, and it'll take me a while to get stuff done. I start things pretty early because I'm anxious that I'm not going to give myself enough time."

College can be hardStudent Wellbeing provides resources for students to support our experiences at Boston University, like the one below:

"The Educational Resource Center offers several services to help BU undergraduate and graduate students become confident, independent, and lifelong learners: Academic Skills Advising, Academic Skills Workshops, Open Study, and an FY103 course—Academic Strategies: Mastering the Art of Learning."

Academic Skills Advising

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