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Pronouns: he/him/his

Hometown: The Bronx, New York City


Extracurriculars: Alianza Latina, UMOJA, hanging out with friends

Why are you studying education?

"I've dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was little, like I would have imaginary friends in an imaginary classroom. I used to have conference phone calls through the house phone; I took it very seriously. When I got to my senior year of high school, I was able to do a pre teaching class with one of my teachers where I learned the basics of teaching. I come from a low income community, and many of our students are affected because of that low funding, low amount of resources. I want to be able to give back."

What objects in your dorm represent your identity or home life?

"When we first got here, my mom bought this rug, some pillows, little decorations, and they definitely give me homey vibes. And I got some pictures printed out of friends and family, and I hold those pictures very dear to me. My sibligns bring me life, joy. They get on my absolute nerves, but they’ve helped shape the person I am today. And my mom. Seeing her perseverance in life, how she was able to come through so much, and how she sacrifices for all three of her children. When I'm doing work, the pictures are the first things I see, and that's my motivation right there. Like I have a purpose in being here."

What are you struggling with?

"I was a very social person in high school, but I feel like after coming here, I'm not. All of a sudden, I became antisocial. It's been hard to make friends here, and I came hoping I would have the most friends. I've seen a change in classes, like I would try get to know more of my classmates and involve myself with clubs like Alianza Latina and UMOJA."

College can be hardStudent Wellbeing provides support for Boston University students with resources, like the one below:

"Eager to get engaged with campus? Check out BU’s TerrierCentral website, a hub for student organization information and events!"

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