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Pronouns: he/him/his

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Extracurriculars: Boston Globe, Daily Free Press, The BU Buzz, WTBU Radio

Why are you studying journalism?

"I'm a journalism major in the College of Communication. My friend got me into photography in my junior year of high school, and  I started off with this really bad, old DSLR from like 2008 or so. But I took one good picture on it. And I really liked it, my teacher liked it. And then I started understanding the technical side of it, and thought there might be something there. So I kept going with that. Started getting work with that.


And then for journalism, my grandpa was an outstanding journalist. Russ Bensley, he was a producer at CBS from the late 50s to the early 80s."

What objects in your dorm represent your identity or home life?

"Definitely the records. This one is 'Songs in the Key of Life' by Stevie Wonder, it’s one of the best albums ever. And it's a great soul funk record, but also Track Four on this side is the song Sir Duke, which was the biggest hit on the album, would also constantly play in the restaurant I worked at."

What are you struggling with?

"Finding balance between my work life and my academic life, and understanding how each are important independently and together. Like academic life, making sure I'm always attending all my classes and catching up if I have to miss one. I've started prioritizing some (photo) work over academics. It's mainly because I enjoy my (photo) work. But I also enjoy a lot of the stuff I do as academics. So especially with the kind of the path I set, I have to do both for myself."

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