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What does 'being a man' mean to you?

"Being a man means being able to express yourself in any way you want to. The difference between a boy and a man is how they take in and react to other people’s opinions."

What is revealed about you through the ways that you express yourself?

"It helps me not necessarily overcome the suppression I receive, especially as a double-minority, but it helps relieve a lot of the pressure. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ during high school gets you a lot of backlash, and you’re going to receive it, so give out positivity and you’ll get mainly positivity back."

What is it like being a male on a female-dominated sports team?

"It's rewarding, and has allowed me to express myself especially in front of big crowds."


What are your hopes, if any, for the future of gender stereotypes?

"That they don’t exist, stereotypes in general. I just feel like people should be able to get to know someone before forming an opinion."

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