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He’s told he must “wear

shirts, shoes, pants, and suits”


“Don’t be concerned with

makeup, jewels, nor




who says it is so?


A broken construct

from old traditions

that are left behind.


Are they so fragile

that they can’t be kind

to those that differ

and dare to be seen?


Sticks and stones can break

his bones, but the words

will not leave a scratch.


Put on your earrings

and your high heeled boots,

in the face of those

who try to pierce you.


Trying to please others

is like walking on glass:

Creep around one shard

and get stabbed by the other.


Shatter the walls of

what once confined you;

and be showered in

the pieces, whose wake

you’ll strut through in all

of your brilliance.


He’ll look good with some

sparkle too, because

sand has nothing on

a diamond like him.

Syllabic poem by Will Chapman.
Published in the 2022 edition of Reservoir High School's
award-winning literary magazine, "The Swamp".


How "He/Him" came to be

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