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an investigation on male gender expression by Will Chapman

recorded 2021 - 2022 and released June 30, 2022

Society sets a very narrow expectation on how a man should express himself. Society restricts how he should identify. Society says he should not be concerned with make up, jewelry, or romantically interested in people of the same sex. Society recognizes a man as being a man only if he has male genitals. The list goes on.


I challenge the standards, because I feel it is time that we are more accepting of men who identify outside of the box.


With portraits and personal statements, I aim to redefine masculinity by showcasing and celebrating a variety of male identifying young adults who courageously express themselves in various ways.


And with that I am proud to present Kameron, Ethan, Thomas, Ashton, and Ryan.

Welcome to "He/Him".

A "He/Him" photograph of Ryan Ngu is award-winning, and represented the series at the 2022 Howard County Annual Junior/Senior Showcase.

  • The L. Newton Photo Award

  • Reservoir High School Fine Arts Senior of Distinction

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