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Creatives Wanted

As a photographer, I’m building contact lists of passionate creatives to connect with this Fall/Winter! If you’re looking for potential free photoshoot opportunities, please tell me about yourself via these brief interest form links below. Feel free to sign up for all that apply to you!

Here’s my photography interest form to YOU! Browse my site to get a feel for what I shoot.

I'll pull from these submissions for help with my own projects, and refer you to others to help fulfill theirs. Note that I alone am not able to accommodate all, so opportunity is not guaranteed. But let’s take this step to be in each other’s corner and build our skills together! Forms will be open for the semester and no experience is required. First come/first serve and priority to earliest sign-ups. Boston and surrounding areas only.


Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!


With gratitude,


Will Chapman (he/him)


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